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CAT6 unshielded SLIM patch cable - ROUND

After years of proven success with our Slim flat patch cables, we can now offer the same performance in a round design.

The unshielded version, with a diameter of only 2.8mm, is similar to a fiber optic patch cable and achieves Gigabit Ethernet just like its flat counterparts.

This cable enables data transfer speeds of up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet. Power-over-Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af is also supported.

The cables comply with the Channel Category 6 standard according to ISO/IEC and EN50173.


Customers who place their trust in our products:

Technical Description


1/2 Diameter

of a normal Patch Cable

only 2.8 mm in diameter and extremely bendable.



faster Troubleshooting

through SLIM Design and better overview




AWG36 Wires made of High Quality Copper.

Size Matters

The SLIM-Patch Cable.

The dream of every IT technician, network administrator,
mechatronics engineer or building systems engineer:

  • No cable clutter, cable jams, and so-called „cable management“.
  • Highly flexible network cables make this dream a reality.

The Comparison shows the Difference.

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