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SLIM TOUGH shielded

CAT6 shielded SLIM patch cable - with reinforced Nylon Jacket

Introducing TOUGH patch cables: the embodiment of internal finesse, reinforced by an external shield. Born from the essence of SLIM patch cables, these marvels are reinforced with an additional nylon jacket, forging a bond of mechanical might.

In the realm of rugged domains and the dynamic landscapes navigated by field technicians, TOUGH patch cables emerge as a beacon of unwavering reliability.

Enter the unshielded variety, where the ingenuity of SLIM UTP cable meets the rugged embrace of nylon to create a symphony of strength and precision.

Meticulously engineered to meet the Channel Category 6 standard of ISO/IEC and EN50173, these cables are built to last. Elevate your connectivity with TOUGH patch cables, where toughness meets finesse, and your network strides confidently into any challenge.


Customers who place their trust in our products:

Technical Description


1/2 Height

of a normal Patch Cable

only 2.0 mm in height and extremely bendable.



faster Troubleshooting

through SLIM Design and better overview




AWG36 Wires made of High Quality Copper.


The SLIM-Patch Cable.

The dream of every IT technician, network administrator,
mechatronics engineer or building systems engineer:

  • No cable clutter, cable jams, and so-called „cable management“.
  • Highly flexible network cables make this dream a reality.

The Comparison shows the Difference.

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