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CAT6 unshielded SLIM Patch Cable – FLAT

This type of cable was our first in 2004. Since then, millions of units have been sold. Until today it remains one of our most popular products.

The cable is designed for 1 Gigabit Ethernet. It consists of 4 twisted pairs with the thinnest possible copper diameter, allowing for an extremely slim and highly flexible construction.

Despite the slim design, Power-over-Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3af is also possible.

The cables comply with the Channel Category 6 standard according to ISO/IEC and EN50173.

In addition to traditional IT applications, this cable is also ideal for specialized solutions where space is at a premium. There is no patch cable that is more flexible and space-saving than this variant.


Customers who place their trust in our products:

Technical Description


1/6 Height

of a normal Patch Cable

only 1.1 mm high and bendable by 90 degrees.



faster Troubleshooting

through SLIM Design and better overview




AWG36 Wires made of High Quality Copper.


The SLIM-Patch Cable.

The dream of every IT technician, network administrator,
mechatronics engineer or building systems engineer:

  • No cable clutter, cable jams, and so-called „cable management“.
  • Highly flexible network cables make this dream a reality.

The Comparison shows the Difference.

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